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THESE SOLITAIRE GAMES should be run on a large enough screen using the Safari or Chrome browser. The default game is Dozenal Pyramid Addition, with parameters as indicated in the menus and slider on the left. You may change any of them.

To play a different game, from the menus on the right, select Decimal (if desired) or Pyramid Factors (if desired), then change the parameters on the left (if desired). (In the factors games, the first four menus on the left may not be changed.) A hexagon-shaped multiples game may be found here.

To start a game, click on Deal. Brief instructions for each game appear below. Detailed instructions, including strategy, may be found by clicking on Detailed guide on the right.

The well-known game of cribbage is also playable in variants described here, for 2 to 6 players with physical decks of cards.

tableau cards

Detailed guide

The object of this pyramid addition solitaire game is to remove from the tableau pairs of cards whose sum is the target number displayed on the right. Clearing the entire tableau wins the game.

Create a deck by choosing variables from the menus on the left. Click on the stock to put its top card in the discard pile. Click on an unobstructed card in the tableau or discard pile to highlight it.

Click on a pair of cards whose sum is the target number to remove them to the face-down foundation. You may remove pairs in three ways: by clicking on 1) two unobstructed tableau cards; 2) an unobstructed tableau card followed by a card immediately under it if removing the first would leave the second unobstructed; 3) the top card in the discard pile plus an unobstructed tableau card, in either order.

The exception: if there is no 0-card in the deck, clicking on its unobstructed high card removes it to the foundation on its own.

To change the game from dozenal to decimal or from addition to factors, select one or both in the two menus on the right.